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Rising Male Stars
Brooklyn Mack
Men's IBC Silver Medal
Daniil Simkin
Men's IBC Gold Medal
Toshiro Muraoka-Abbley
IBC Great Hope Prize
Photography courtesy of Richard Finkelstein


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Adults with diverse interests and needs may find that studying and working with the material contained in the "Six Year Program of Classical Ballet" is an efficient and effective way to understand the basics principles of classical dance (ballet). The Program that CDA/ICCBP uses was written by Vera Kostrovitskaya for the accelerated training of talented 12 year old students who started their ballet training late. It is systematized and in syllabus form. It becomes much more than a syllabus; it becomes the method of teaching classical dance because it is a methodical guide which "contains minute details as to when, how and what to teach in each of the eight or six years"  (Kostrovitskaya & Pisarev, 1979)(Kostrovitskaya, 1995, p. 17). This summer, CDA/ICCBP offers Four Classes at our summer BarreRaiser® 2014 Ballet Pedagogy Intensive, a kind of "boot camp" for dance teachers, ballet masters and choreographers where information and knowledge may be obtained quickly.  The courses are comprehensive, unaltered, highly accurate and the information is presented so it can easily be used later.  Click here for more information



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Excerpts from the “Informal Evening Performance”

at the

“Daytona Beach Summer Dance Intensive 2013”

Sara Ezzell and Adrian Blake Mitchell, participants in the joint CDA event with Daytona State College titled "Daytona Beach Summer Dance Intensive 2013" are now in St. Petersburg, Russia at the special invitation of Oleg Vinogradov. They are in their last year of study at the Ellison Ballet Professional Training Program. While in St. Petersburg, Sara and Adrian are participating in daily lessons, rehearsals and performances. Also, Erin Forrest, a faculty member at Ellison Ballet, will have her choreography, a pas de deux, "Just a Dream" performed by Sara and Adrian at the end of April 2014 at a special performance dedicated to World Dance Day. The piece was created by Ms. Forrest at CDA's 2013 event in Daytona Beach. Ms. Forrest's piece is presented in our 2013 Videos. The Ballet Pedagogy Intensive is not shown but was as a major part of the event.

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"Daytona Beach Summer Dance Intensive 2013”.