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     The study of Historical Dance is based on the principles of folk, social and court dances, which through the centuries evolved onto the art of ballroom dance.

     Following the tradition of French court ballets of Louis XIV, the classical ballet music of the nineteenth century reflects distinctive rhythms, tempo, and melodic characteristics of dances such as the Gavotte, the Minuet, the Waltz, the Polka, the Polonaise, the Pas de Grâce, and many more.

     The repertoire of today’s opera and ballet theater requires a performer to have a good knowledge of the art and style of social dancing from different epochs and countries.

     In a comprehensive program for the training of ballet dancers, Historical Dance is a separate discipline along with classical ballet, character dance, acting and partnering classes.


     The music for this 2- CD set was conceived and created in the beautiful village of Cadrieu in the South-West of France, beside a 12th century Templar's castle. The musical material includes pieces from music and dance history books found by Marina Gendel in Paris at the bouquinistes (antique booksellers) stalls on the banks of Seine, music discovered at Atelier de Danse (Renaissance and Vintage Dance Workshop) at Degagnac, France, as well as original music composed specially for this project.

     This 2-CD set provides music for elementary historical dance lessons. It can also serve as a source of material for ballet classes, pre-ballet and creative dance lessons for children and acting workshops.

Among other hard-to-find pieces in this collection of music are:

  • Four Marches (including the authentic Marche des Mousquetaires by J. B. Lully)

  • Four Galops

  • Three Polonaises (including the Military Polonaise, composed by Tadeusz Kosciuszko, Polish born General, a hero of the American Revolutionary War).

  • Five Polkas

  • Three Waltzes (including Valse composed by Leo Tolstoy, his only musical composition)

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