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The Courses and Manuals


     The material that is contained in the manuals helps facilitate learning the information presented. Each manual contains the ballet vocabulary in syllabus form. Teachers can follow what is being taught in the courses because it is noted in the manual. Each movement has a form, and each is described including the music that should be used when teaching the movement. After each course is completed, the manual becomes a reference tool. It helps teachers plan a daily lesson and plan future curriculum. Sample lessons, at each level help guide teachers. Material advances month by month, by quarter and year.  Courses contain information, which is basic to each year studied and a student's progress can be measured from the beginning of the year to the end of each year.  Information is presented simply and clearly, and it is easy to look up material and find information for any number of reasons including trying to determine the level of a new student in a class or to inspire a choreographer looking for a movement.


     People may find that studying and working with the material contained in the "Six Year Program of Classical Ballet" is an efficient and effective way to understand the basics principles of classical dance and how to apply it.  The Program, originally written by Vera Kostrovitskaya, for accelerated training of talented 12 year old students who started their ballet training late, is systematized, in syllabus form, but becomes much more than that; it becomes the method of teaching classical dance because it is also a methodical guide which "contains minute details as to when, how and what to teach in each of the eight or six years" (Kostrovitskaya, 1995, p. 17). 

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