Two Certifications

CDA Teacher Certification Program


CID International Certification of Dance Studies


     The CDA Teacher Certification Program is designed to be completed in Six Courses. We help prepare people, from diverse backgrounds, to make a unique and meaningful impact on the contemporary dancescape by helping give them a solid scientific and artistic background that boosts the technical prowess and artistry of the dancers they train.

      A Certificate of Completion is given with the successful completion of each course.  Courses must be taken in order starting with the First Class and may be taken with or without examination. There is an additional small fee for the examination (Please see Tuition and Examination fee page). To graduate, a student must successfully complete all Six Courses and pass all examinations. Note, people do not have to take all Six Courses to participate in our Program. They can participate one Course at a time. We invite you to discuss your level of involvement with us.  

     Since 2002, it has been CDA's mission to make classical dance pedagogy accessible to ballet   instructors as well as performers and creators of dance for their use in schools, conservatories, ballet/dance company schools or K-12 schools. CDA works to raise awareness of what constitutes good schooling, to encourage networking and discourse among the dance community, ant to prompt ballet teachers to work knowledgeably and responsibly in the classroom. CDA is not a brand related to a specific ballet company but represents Classical Dance itself. Whether a person receives a Certificate without examination or completes all Six Courses you are welcome at CDA.  We promote the Classical Dance curriculum as an exceptional tool for training dancers and help associates, through education, to have a unique and meaningful impact individually on the dance community.

    People are issued frameable Certificates worthy of display in dance studios or at home. Refresher courses are given.  Each teacher is unique in skill and no one can guarantee any results after any course is taken. Results from each course depends upon each person's application of the material given in each course, their own skills and understanding, talent, ability to apply the information, and the environment in which they teach. Classical Dance is a science as well as an art. Modification and change of the material given in courses means different outcomes in every person's situation and environment.    

Obtaining Credit for Professional Development or Continuing Education

  • All participants will receive a signed "Certificate of Attendance" from CDA/ICCBP for each course taken. This certificate does not warrant mastery of material introduced and will indicate on the Certificate whether an exam was taken.


  • To obtain a Certificate of Attendance and or Professional Development or Continuing Education Units (CEU) participants must attend, in full, all sessions for each course taken.


  • Units or Credits may be available upon request for K - 14 dance teachers and College/University Professors and students.  CDA/ICCBP will cooperate and coordinate with your institutions to award credit, at no additional cost for administration from CDA. Check with your institution regarding the assessment of additional fees.


  • VISA support is available for international participants at no additional cost (when possible) if events are held in-person in the United States or other another country.

Additional Certification - International Dance Council CID

     An additional special Certificate is offered through the International Dance Council CID (The United Nations of Dance) As a member of the International Dance Council, CID, UNESCO, Classical Dance Alliance issues the CID International Certification of Dance Studies.  To do this, each CID requires that each participating person must complete a CDA approved module of 150 hours.  The school (CDA), the teacher, and the student must all be Members of CID.  Once the 150 hours are completed, students are awarded certification at a special ceremony.  CID sends formal certification on parchment paper, and it is valid world-wide.

     The International Dance Council CID (The United Nations of Dance) is the official organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world.  Its members are the most prominent federations, associations, schools, companies, and individuals in more than 170 countries.  It is a non-governmental organization founded in 1973 within the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, where it is based.  CID is the official partner of UNESCO, The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

     CDA has celebrated DANCE DAY, April 29 with UNESCO for many years. This has included sending a group of teachers and students to Russia with its International Youth Ballet Festival and training teachers in Classical Dance in Portugal at the Ana Köhler School of Dance, Lisbon, Portugal (a CID UNESCO Dance Center). CDA also taught special courses in Historical Dance, Character Dance and Variations at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York in honor of DANCE DAY.