Enrollees complete online or in person one or more of six sequential courses. These correspond to the six class levels comprising the entire CDA Teacher Certification program. Courses must be taken in sequence from the First Class, regardless of prior experience.  Expect course work to be challenging at every level despite accommodating eligibility requirements.

FIRST CLASS August 2 through 8

SECOND CLASS August 10 through 14

THIRD CLASS August 17 through 21

FOURTH CLASS August 23 through 29

FIRST CLASS January 2 through 7

Session start times are determined based

on locations and time zones of enrollees

Allow a full eight hours for daily sessions

A CDA Certificate of Completion is awarded for successful completion of each class level in an established number of hours, which varies with the course taken. Courses may be taken and Certificates earned with or without examination. Optional examination is given on a specified date for a nominal fee. A companion CID Certificate recognized worldwide is issued on completion of 150 course hours. A full diploma, or CDA Certificate of Graduation, is conferred for successful completion of all six class levels with examination.


Obtaining Credit for Professional Development or Continuing Education

  • Participants receive a signed Certificate of Completion for each course taken. This does not attest to mastery of material covered and indicates if an exam was taken.

  • To obtain a Certificate of Completion and/or Professional Development or Continuing Education Units (CEU), participants must attend in full all sessions.

  • Units or credits may be available for K - 14 dance teachers and college/university professors and students. Upon request we will cooperate with your institution to award credit at no additional cost from CDA. Check with your institution regarding any fees.

  • Visa support is available for international participants at no additional cost when possible if events are held in-person in the United States or other another country.