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CDA Teacher Certification Program - Classical Dance Alliance USA



Depending on your background,  CDA teacher training may establish, supplement, or embellish your aptitude as a dance educator or professional. Courses offered may be taken while one is still dancing, teaching dance, even working as a ballet master or choreographer. Enrollees in the CDA Teacher Certification Program vary in their ages, roles, and experience, but all see the exceptional value, added to their work, from a rigorous pedagogical perspective.


Every enrollee should have the ability to

  • Follow oral instructions and understand spacing and stage directions

  • Read written materials from a manual in English and later give verbal instructions
    in English to students or collaborators

  • Draw upon a general understanding of ballet vocabulary and terminology

  • Apply sufficient musicality to discern proper accompaniment to exercises and combinations

  • Execute physically or aptly mark out movements so as to gain a thorough understanding
    of those movements and their structure musically

Skills acquired by CDA course enrollees include

  • Developing student proficiency in elementary, intermediate, and advanced work, 
    consistent with courses completed​

  • Composing lesson plans with properly constructed exercises and combinations

  • Teaching progressively from primary to advanced forms as steps and combinations 
    increase in difficulty and complexity 

  • Instructing with correct use of the vocabulary, instead of demonstrating 

  • Applying basic principles such as use of the poses to train dancers more effectively, 
    and confidently harness tools acquired to realize endless possibilities

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