Enrollees may benefit from a substantial Early Registration discount. Tuition and Materials Fee are due upon enrollment.

In the event of withdrawal by the enrollee, please refer to our Refund & Cancellation Policy.

Teacher's Course Summer Intensive

'Method of Teaching Classical Dance'

V.S. Kostrovitskaya, Six Year Program

FIRST CLASS July 18 through 23, 2022

SECOND CLASS July 26 through 30, 2022

THIRD CLASS August 9 through 13, 2022

FOURTH CLASS August 16 through 21, 2022

FIFTH CLASS August 24 through 29, 2022

Paid 15 days or more prior to start date

Materials are proprietary and required

Paid within 14 days of start date


  • Early Registration Discount: $150 off tuition if enrolled 15 days or more prior to course start date.

  • Repeat Class:  A course previously completed may be repeated with complete participation for $100.


  • Minimum 50% at registration and the remainder due prior to the start of each course.

       CDA reserves the right to change Tuition or Discounts offered at anytime.