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OUR UNIQUE MISSION to foster excellence in ballet schooling distinguishes CDA from every other arts organization soliciting your contribution. Every day another performing company is born while this first crucial link in the chain that culminates in performance is all but overlooked. By helping to Raise the Barre on Ballet Schooling, your gift will have a rare and widely felt impact that can help Classical Dance flourish for generations to come.

CDA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so your contribution is tax-deductible. 

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CDA welcomes other giving arrangements that can help you meet your financial objectives while offering vital support for the arts.


These may include:

  • Major Gifts up to $100,000

  • Gifts of Non-Cash Assets

  • Memorial Gifts

  • Gifts by Will or Trust

  • Charitable Trusts

  • Life Income Gifts

  • Structured Gifts

For more information, please call 212.397.1400


Businesses that assist CDA with a contribution or sponsorship demonstrate their vision and support for the arts, gain access to a niche market, and can also receive recognition for their generosity.


Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Teacher Education Programs

  • Teacher Scholarship Fund

  • CDA Special Events

  • CDA Website Pages

  • Website Expanson & Development

  • CDA Regional Conferences

  • International Exchange Programs

Corporate contributions and sponsorships start at $1,000 for small businesses. We would love to share what we're doing and welcome your involvement.


For more information please call +1 212 397 1400

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